Our Vision:

To raise awareness of Health and Social Care matters within the Forest of Dean in order to influence and effect positive change.


  • To facilitate a forum where organisations delivering Health and Social Care services and support in the district can inform, engage and consult with the Forest Health Forum members on what they do and how they do it.
  • To be a two way portal into patient and public representative bodies and into commissioning and service provision with Gloucestershire.
  • To encourage the development of local solutions to local health and well-being issues with the Forest of Dean District.


The area covered will be the Forest of Dean District.


The Forest of Dean Health Forum will consist of any members of the community who have an interest in health or social care matters and in particular at least one representative from any group or organisation.

Health Forum Meetings:

The Forest of Dean Health Forum will meet on the first Tuesday of the month, except for August and January when there will be no meeting.

Committee Meetings:

Will be held monthly by arrangement.

Chair and Committee:

The Chair and Committee Members of the Forest of Dean Forum shall be elected on an annual basis from amongst the members at the October Annual General Meeting.

Meeting Notes:

Notes and notice of the meetings will be provided as per an agreed circulation list. They should also be available to any other interested bodies on request.


This Constitution may only be varied by the agreement of the Forest of Dean Health Forum Members at an Extraordinary Meeting or Annual General Meeting where there are at least 10 members and 3 committee members in attendance.

Voting Rights on any proposed variation are only open to members who have attended a minimum of 3 meetings on the preceding 12 months.


Is derived from local donations and managey the Treasurer who shall provide a statement of account to the Forum meetings. The Treasurer will manage payments made on behalf of the Forum with cheques being signed by an authorised committee member.


The decision to dissolve the Forum will be taken at the AGM or an extraordinary meeting where any funds shall be distributed to Forest Community Hospitals. Any property to be auctioned or sold and monies to go into funds for distribution.

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